SorinMitran-sm Office Chapman 451 Hours Fall 2015
M-F 10-11
Telephone 919-843-8901 Fax 919-962-2568
Address Department of Mathematics
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC, 27599-3250
Email mitran (at)

My primary research interest is scientific computation as applied to real-world problems. I work on development and implementation of algorithms that link different levels of description of natural phenomena ranging from the molecular scale to a continuum description, using concepts and techniques from:

Information geometry     Hybrid computer architectures    Adaptive, deforming meshes

My research group applies these methods to various fields such as:

Airway flow     Cellular motility     Lithotripsy and sonoporation    Porous media     Materials design

The links above and from the results images will lead to details on various projects.

The focus of my teaching interests is the use of modern software systems to aid in understanding mathematical concepts and modeling, and gain direct experience in the application of theoretical concepts to solve practical problems.

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