General-purpose packages

  • Diapason – A collection of Python classes and Fortran 90 routines for multiscale, multiphysics computation.
  • BEARCLAW – Boundary Embedded Adative Refinement Conservation LAW package, written in Fortran 90.
  • OCTLES – Octal tree tetrahedral code, mainly for adaptive large eddy simulation, written in C.


Specific-purpose codes

  • CITSIM – Collisional Ion Trap SIMulator
  • Cilium – fluid-structure interaction model of a single cilium
  • Cilia – fluid-structure interaction model of multiple interacting cilia
  • CFoil – flow through airfoil cascade
  • Inlet – flow in an aeroengine inlet



The source for most of these research codes is available for download. Feel free to use the codes in non-profit research and education. Please cite the home page of each package in published works that use the codes. Contact me for permission to use the codes for commercial purposes.

The codes are an outgrowth of various research projects and are provided without support. The documentation for the applications varies from none to extensive. Codes tend to evolve in response to new research priorities, sometimes leading to older applications not working with newer versions of core computational routines. Usually this is due to simple changes in input file formats, which should be deducible from reading of core routines.

Virtual machine snapshots of the state of a particular code are provided, typically to fully document some published result.

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